Software Development

With highly qualified developers, we are able to produce software & applications to your exact specifications.No more pulling out your hair.

Business Intelligence

From a top-level summary you can drill down into the underlying detail, allowing you to better understand your business dynamics for increased efficiency.

Internet Marketing

If you are serious about marketing and getting your business online – we are here to help you get more traffic and convert it into sales!

Web Solutions

Helping you understand how the internet works and empowering you to use this medium as a powerful marketing tool for your unique purpose.

IT Outsourcing

If you have ever felt overwhelmed by technology choices, Datalligence is your IT department, call us today, we will take care of it!

IT Audit

Chances are your business already has an IT infrastructure in place, but are you truly getting the value that you need out of it? we have answers.

IT Support

From mobile devices to servers and everything in-between. We have you and your business covered.There is no fault too small or too big for us


We sell only premium quality branded when it comes to hardware and software. Enhance the efficiency of your staff with new hardware or software.

Network Solutions

Whether it's a new network setup or you simply have endless network issues. We get the job done. Contact us so we can make IT an asset to your company.

Experience the Intelligence in IT

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